We’re sending you a new credit card while we research your fraud claim (Chase Fraud Protection)

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We’re sending you a new credit card while we research your fraud claim (Chase Fraud Protection)

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Dear "":
Thank you for your patience while we research your fraud claim. We closed your Chase Credit Card credit card ending in 0331 to protect your account. We mailed you a replacement card with a new number. You should receive it within 10 business days.

We want to help. If we need more information, we may send a letter in an envelope marked "claims material enclosed."

While we research your claim:

Make the minimum payment for the balance. You don’t have to pay for transactions you told us were unauthorized, including any related interest charges or fees, while we research.

Review your next billing statement. If you find more unauthorized charges, call us right away and we'll research them.
Destroy all credit cards or account access checks for this account. If you recently used either and haven't told us, call us so we can make sure these transactions are completed.

If you have a metal or embedded metal card, send it to us using the prepaid envelope we will mail you. We’ll destroy the card for you.
You may receive account access checks, re-issued cards and other materials for your closed account, but those are no longer valid.

When you receive your new account number:
Make sure to use your new account number on future payments.
Notify merchants that automatically bill your account of the new account number.
Check your statement if you earn rewards on your account. We’ll be transferring your existing rewards to the new account. Rewards earned on fraud transactions won’t transfer.
You can access your replacement account at chase.com with your current sign-in and password.

We'll notify Equifax, TransUnion, Innovis, and Experian that we closed your account. We encourage you to contact the credit reporting agencies below to confirm that they made this change.

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