Your transaction did not complete (Playstation)

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Your transaction did not complete (Playstation)

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Playstation Direct

Your Transaction Did Not Complete Playstation
Your Transaction Did Not Complete Playstation (16.2 KiB) Viewed 2138 times
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Re: Your transaction did not complete (Playstation)

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The only possible solution that works is to create a new PS account with a new email address, going through all confirmation and verification procedures. Once done, login to and buy whatever you need.
Why do I know this? I tried 3 different credit cards, including a Sony card, and spent about 8 hours in total with their "PS+Direct" category support line, which I suspect are all bots. Once they learn about "Your transaction did not complete..." issue, they become really defensive, denying the issue and suggesting a fix "to visit a retail partner", forcing the conversation closure. After exhausting all possible ways to escalate the issue (multiple chats, several phone calls, different departments) so that their tech support investigates and fixes it, I went ahead and opened a fresh PS account, confirming new email and verifying all their requests. After that, I was able to pre-order PS VR2 immediately using the same shipping address and the card that was "failing" previously. I suggest you do the same and stop wasting your time.
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