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This notice serves as a margin call to your futures trading account. A breakdown of this margin deficit by currency type is provided in the table below.

To satisfy commodity regulatory requirements, Interactive Brokers, computes for each account with an open position in a Futures Contract and/or Future Option Contract the minimum Initial and Maintenance Margin Requirement set by the futures exchange(s). This information is calculated using the official closing prices provided by the exchanges to Interactive Brokers and positions as of the close of the regular trading session from the preceding Business day.

A margin call may be satisfied, if, by the close of regular trading hours (e.g. 16:15 EST/ET), any of the following occurs: (1) there are excess available funds in the equity segment that can be swept to the commodities segment (2) you make a deposit, but only if the deposit equals or exceeds the amount of the margin call; (3) you perform an internal account transfer to move excess available funds from your IBKR-UKL account to the equity segment of your IBKR account; (4) through inter-day favorable market-movements resulting in account equity that meets or exceeds the exchange initial margin requirement; or (5) closing or reducing the size of your account's positions to the point where the account equity meets or exceeds the exchange's minimum initial margin requirement.

If your trading account continues to have an aged margin call for 3 or more consecutive business days, Interactive Brokers will restrict the account to margin reducing transactions and may liquidate position(s) by the close of the 3rd business day, so that the account equity meets or exceeds the exchange's initial margin requirement.

You may review the Commodities Regulatory Margin Report, which will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your positions and their corresponding regulatory margin requirements. In order to view this detail, you must generate the Commodities Regulatory Margin Report from the Portal. The information contained in the Commodities Margin Report is based on the positions at approximately 16:15 EST/ET and on the settlement values collected by the respective exchanges.

Commodities Regulatory Margin Reports can be accessed from the Performance & Reports > Other Reports > Risk - Margin menu item in Portal.
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