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YouTube Caption Notification Tool No Reply

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A user believes your video requires closed captioning and sent a report to YouTube.

We encourage you to provide captions for this video. Captions open up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or hard of hearing viewers or those who speak other languages. Learn more about the benefits of captions in this YouTube video XXXXX

In addition, sometimes captions are legally required. For example, the Communications and Video Accessibility Act (“CVAA”) is a United States law that requires closed captioning of content that aired on US television with captions, when it is posted online. If your video is subject to this law please provide us with a caption file by clicking the following linK:

YouTube partners with access to advanced content management tools may alternatively be able to provide this information through those tools. Contact your partner manager for more information.

If your video is not subject to the CVAA or another legal requirement in your country, you are not required to provide captions. In your video manager you can select a “Caption certification” explaining why this law does not apply to you. To select a caption certification please click this link, and go to “Advanced settings,” where the captions certification drop down can be accessed. By doing this you will not receive additional captions complaints from users about this video.

To learn more about the CVAA’s requirements for closed captioning of online video content, visit the FCC’s website, ... rogramming.

We appreciate your understanding.

The YouTube Team
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