How a national privacy law could help businesses like yours (Google)

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How a national privacy law could help businesses like yours (Google)

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In a recent survey, we heard from thousands of you about the tech policy issue that matters to you most: keeping your customer information and business data safe.

Privacy and data security matter a lot to us, too — because when data is misused, it damages consumer trust and hurts the entire digital ecosystem. At Google, we’re always innovating to keep our users safer online. But we also believe that regulation can protect individuals, businesses, and communities from harm and data misuse across the internet, helping to maintain the trust that enables innovation and change. We’re not alone in this. When it comes to national privacy regulation, there’s a clear consensus: 83% of U.S. voters want Congress to prioritize data privacy.

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It’s time for a national privacy law

Today, there is no comprehensive U.S. privacy law governing the use of personal information online. Without such a national privacy law, states are passing their own - often inconsistent - laws to fill the void. Five of these state privacy laws take effect this year alone, and more than 15 state legislatures are considering privacy bills right now.

Navigating different state laws can be complex and expensive, especially for small businesses. Economists at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonpartisan research institute, estimate the out-of-state costs from 50 of these state privacy laws could exceed $1 trillion over 10 years, with at least $200 billion directly impacting small businesses.

How a national privacy law could benefit your business

There’s an alternative: a national privacy law that’s thoughtfully crafted with input from the business community. Here’s what it could do:

Make it easier to conduct business online by establishing clear and consistent rules governing how personal data should be collected, used, and protected.

Empower consumers by giving them more choice and control over how their personal data is used, while defending against misleading practices and opaque tracking techniques.

Protect businesses and consumers from the growing threat of scams and hackers.

Safeguard data privacy without undermining digital tools that help millions of U.S. businesses find new customers and market their products and services.

What you can expect next

Keeping your business and customer data private and secure has always been a top priority for Google. Check out this blog post to learn more about our perspective on responsible data use and the importance of a national privacy law. We’ll share more information in the months ahead - along with opportunities to take action to ensure that our nation’s policy makers develop legislation with input from business leaders like you.
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