YouTube Channel Verification Process - Photo ID Retention

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YouTube Channel Verification Process - Photo ID Retention

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You’ll use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your ID. Your ID must clearly show your date of birth.

Google will use your ID to:

Verify your ID is current and valid
Verify your date of birth
Check that you haven’t been suspended for violating YouTube policies
Improve verification services for Google products and protect against fraud and abuse
Your ID may be processed outside of your country and be subject to manual review in accordance with Google privacy and security policies.

Your ID will be securely stored in your Google Account and won’t be made public.

Your ID will be automatically deleted from your Google Account within 2 years. It’s usually deleted in a few months after you’ve built sufficient channel history, or after 1 year if you haven’t used advanced features.

You can delete your ID at any time in your Google Account. If you delete your ID before you establish your YouTube channel history, you won’t be able to use advanced features. To regain access, you’ll need to build your YouTube channel history or complete ID or video verification again. Learn more

If you’re suspended from YouTube for violating our policies, we may save your ID for a period of time so that we can enforce our policies. Learn more about deleting data
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