Unable to connect to EA Servers (Knockout city)

Errors reported across the Internet.
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Unable to connect to EA Servers (Knockout city)

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Unable To Connect To The Ea Servers Knockout City
Unable To Connect To The Ea Servers Knockout City (166.11 KiB) Viewed 5901 times

Net Code 1.46#11002
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Post by George »

This might fix it for some people.

If you are having this issue, launch the game and get the error message to pop up. After this launch origin and log-out and log back in. Even if you downloaded the game via steam, launch the game through Origin and you hopefully will no longer get the connection error.
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Unable to connect to EA server error is very common and generally seen due to some sort of network connections issues or the servers getting overloaded and stopping responding.

So, very first check the game server status from the official Twitter account and if it is working fine then disable your antivirus and firewall program as this might be conflicting and blocking the game file.

Moreover, also reset your network settings as this worked for many users to solve the ea.com unable to connect error.
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