Your Amazon account is temporarily on hold.

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Your Amazon account is temporarily on hold.

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Amazon Account Is Temporarily On Hold
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Your Amazon account is temporarily on hold.
We have temporarily placed your Amazon account on hold and canceled any pending orders or subscriptions because we detected unusual activity on it.
To restore access to your account, sign in and follow on-screen instructions.
Is this message happening now? Reply below. Hold software providers accountable! *READ COMMENTS TO FIND SOLUTIONS*. We are the bible of Internet error messages - we rely on the community to acknowledge issues happening and their fixes. Report an error happening to you. Follow us on: Facebook Page Facebook Group Twitter.

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Hello sir,
Please I’m very happy and excited to share my difficulties in my AMAZON ACCOUNT HOLD,I created a new Amazon account and link a credit card to my account and place an order and suddenly I received an email about my account being hold for some security reasons and I’m ask to take a photo of my credit card hard copy but unfortunately i can’t found it in my house pls help me to Unhold my account.
Amazon email

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Hello! I'm experiencing the same I show proof my e visa gift card and still getting declined. Email me
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