Take action: Understand the impact of new legislation on your business (Google Customer Solutions)

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Take action: Understand the impact of new legislation on your business (Google Customer Solutions)

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Right now, Congress is considering regulations that would have unintended consequences for your business – costing you time and money.

If passed, these bills could disrupt many of the digital tools you rely on every day – including Google Ads and Analytics, Gmail and Docs, and your business listing on Google Search and Maps. These changes could make it harder for customers to find your business and could hurt your productivity.

If you're interested in learning more about these bills, their impact on your business, and what you can do about it, we invite you to sign up to stay informed.

Stay Informed

By clicking this button I consent that Google can contact me about legislative and regulatory issues, events, and advocacy opportunities related to my business.

Google's public policy team is working with members of Congress to share concerns about how these bills could impact businesses like yours. Together, we can be an important voice in the policy conversation about the regulations that affect you - and your business.

Thank you,
The Google Customer Solutions Team
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Authoritarian Google

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Trust google?? This is comical coming from the same authoritarian company that silences free speech, uses the algorithm to choose what people have access to, and cherry picks information based on what narrative they support. Insane they would even send this email.
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