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Google Ads Terms of Service update: Changes to arbitration clauses for your account

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Google Ads Terms of Service update: Changes to arbitration clauses for your account

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We’ve updated Google Ads’ Terms of Service

We’ve updated Google Ads’ Terms of Service, including the paragraphs related to arbitration. This change does not affect your use of Google Workspace, Cloud Identity, or any other Google product.
What’s changing?
We encourage you to read through the new Terms and Conditions carefully, which include the following updates:

We’ve modified some language in our arbitration agreement, including giving the arbitrator more flexibility for efficiently resolving issues arising across multiple individual arbitrations

Our payment language now includes references to regulatory operating fees or other jurisdiction-specific fees

We’ve clarified the relationship between these terms and the terms of third-party online invoicing products you may use

The new Terms are effective as of today. You can find them on your Preferences page, under “Rules and terms”.

If you wish to opt out of arbitration, please follow the instructions in the dispute resolution section of the Terms.

The Google Ads Team
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