CHASE CARD SERVICES has sent you a payment

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CHASE CARD SERVICES has sent you a payment

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CHASE CARD SERVICES sent you a payment. As a new customer to Chase Payments, click "Accept Money" below and create a user profile to log on to our secure Chase website. After logging in you will be asked to provide account information. You will need to have a US-domiciled bank account to receive your payment electronically.
If you have any questions about the payment information or amount, please contact CHASE CARD SERVICES at 800-436-7937.

Payment ID:
Description: Credit balance refund
Reason for Refund: Credit balance refund
Refund From: Chase Card Services
Refund for Card Ending:

You must accept the payment by 01/15/2022 or it will no longer be valid and a Check will be issued.

If you encounter any issues accessing Chase Payments, please contact us at 855-267-0428 (Hours: 8:00 AM ET - 8:00 PM ET, Monday - Friday)
Please do not reply to this mail.
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