Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement Update

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Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement Update

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Dear Let's Encrypt Subscriber:

We've updated our Subscriber Agreement, effective September 21, 2022. This is the agreement that governs the relationship between you and ISRG with regards to your acquisition and use of SSL/TLS digital certificates issued by ISRG (via Let's Encrypt). You don't need to take any action to continue to use the Let's Encrypt service but we encourage you to review the new agreement.

The main updates are: we now link to instructions on choosing a revocation reason if you revoke a certificate. This is a requirement for Subscriber Agreements from all Certificate Authorities as of this year. Also, we've removed unneeded capitalization, removed a section that is redundant with our Certificate Policy (CP), and tweaked the wording of the requirement to "assure" control of your private key so it matches the Baseline Requirements (BRs).

You can find the updated agreement (v1.3), along with a document that shows the differences between the previous and current agreement and the full text of the previous agreement here:


If you have any questions about the new agreement, please ask on our community forums:


Let's Encrypt is a free service because we want to make the Web more secure and privacy-respecting for everyone. We're able to operate as a nonprofit thanks to corporate sponsorships and donations. Please consider joining our sponsorship program:


Or donate now during our summer fundraising campaign to support this service (and get neat Let's Encrypt apparel!).


Thank you,

The Let's Encrypt Team
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